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Top six ways to cope with Christmas Anxiety

Christmas can be a time of serious stress; presents to buy, meals to cook, lots of friends and family to see. If you suffer with anxiety this time of year can be a minefield. Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety the festive period can get to us all!

Here is my emergency cheat sheet of helpful ways to manage your anxiety and stress. It’s one page so you can even print it out to have with you!

  1. Plan/ Write a To Do list

Often we are so ‘go go go’ at Christmas a mental checklist simply won’t cut it. Make sure you are clear on what you have to achieve each day. There is also the added satisfaction of ticking off those goals once they are achieved.

  1. Festive Time Out

Put aside at least 10 minutes each day to dedicate to you and your well being. This could be a time to practice mindfulness, have a bath, take a walk or simply be in a space on your own.

3.Support or Delegate

There are usually more than enough pairs of hands at Christmas. Make sure you ask for some extra help or delegate tasks so you share the load. If you’ve got that To Do List at the ready, look through and see if there are things that can be outsourced to someone else.

4. Don’t over indulge.

Too much food, sugar, caffeine or, even dare I say it, alcohol, can mess with your body leaving you more stressed or uncomfortable than before. When you are stressed you are more likely to reach for some comfort. Try to be mindful. This brief relief, provided by stimulants, can have a detrimental impact on the rest of your day.

5. Keep Active

It’s easy to become one with your sofa at this time of year, remember there is so much wellness power in movement. It can help digest those big Christmas meals and help you release endorphins that help you feel good!

6. Rest

Sleep is a super power. Your body and your brain do amazing things when you are asleep from vital repairs to processing your day. If you are averaging six hours or less your body produces cortisol (the fight or flight hormone) which will cause an increase in your stress levels and through that your anxiety. Aim for between seven to nine hours each night.

Keep this cheatsheet around to help you find some peace during the Christmas madness. Finally remember, whatever you are going though you aren’t alone.

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