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Supervision: Services


I would describe my supervision style as conversational, with a focus both on the client, and their therapy; as well as on you the therapist and what’s going on for you.

My key influences are my person centred core training but also building in an integrative approach, using other modalities, theories and practices where it’s of use to you, your client and your therapy. Just like therapy, one size does not fit all so we’ll make these sessions bespoke for you.

At its core supervision is your place to explore what’s going on for you in your practice.  I see my role as your supervisor to offer you a space to explore, for me to offer suggestions and thoughts, as well as supporting you through tricker questions and processes.

I like for us to set an agenda when we start our sessions, raising new or important issues, but also leaving time to reflect and follow up on topics we’ve been working on. That’s my preference, but I’m happy to work in any way you feel elevates your practice.

I offer sessions online, phone and face to face. If you are interested in exploring working together please get in touch.

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