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Goal Setting 101

I wanted to spend some time talking about the basics of goal setting and why it’s important to nail key concepts early to make the most out of every goal you set yourself.

Firstly let's talk about why you should even set goals. Goals can get a bad rep; they can be seen as the antithesis of spontaneity or too rigid for some. Goals can be movable and should be. Goals can leave room for lots of spontaneity. In fact if used correctly they can offer a great environment for creative thinking and being. A goal can be something as simple as I’m going to get out of bed at 6am today or it can be a more long term project, such as learning a language. The point is we all set them, but why do some people achieve them while others fail?

Why are some people so much more successful? Ambitious? Driven? Have it all ‘together’? Those people whom we all admire understand one simple thing, their ‘WHY’. Their WHY is behind every objective, goal and purpose they put their minds too.

What is your WHY?

Understanding this very simple concept can help you when it comes to achieving your own goals. Your WHY is the base reason for doing anything.

Finding your WHY

I believe we can all find our WHY and knowing it can lead to a dynamic shift in our levels of motivation and drive towards achieving our goals.

Now you need to dig deep here…..go get yourself a pen and paper, write down the answers to the following questions.

  1. What do I value most in life?

  2. What do I want to be remembered for in this world?

  3. What brings me joy?

  4. Who will I be in ten years time?

By answering these questions for yourself you will have painted a pretty concise picture of what your base drivers are, and this creates your WHY.

This is now your basis for whatever goal you set yourself. Your WHY will drive you forward, keep you motivated through darker moments and allow you to achieve even your most audacious goals.

Go forth armed with the knowledge of WHY, and watch yourself succeed!

Remember whatever you are going through you are not alone.

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